Famous Eagle Scouts

Many Eagle Scouts have gone on to do amazing and extraordinary things in their adult lives. Below is just a small list of a few noteworthy Eagle Scouts. Among the Eagle Scouts listed below are three Astronauts. But did you know? Of the 24 Astronauts to travel to the moon, 20 of them are Eagle Scouts and 11 of the 12 Astronauts to walk on the moon are Eagle Scouts. The first African-American to travel to space is also an Eagle Scout.

Neil Armstrong Eagle Scout 1947
Astronaut - 1st Man on Moon
Willie Banks, III Eagle Scout 1971
Stephen Bechtel, Jr Eagle Scout 1940
Summit Bechtel Reserve
Dr. Lee Berger, Ph.D. Eagle Scout 1983
Guion Bluford Eagle Scout c1958
Hon. Stephen Breyer Eagle Scout 1952
U.S. Supreme Court Justice
RADM James J Carey Eagle Scout 1955
Vice Chair U. S. Federal Maritime Commission
LTC Aquilla J. (AJ) Dyess Eagle Scout c.1952
Medal of Honor Recipient (posthumously)
Arthur Eldred Eagle Scout 1912
1st Eagle Scout
Gerald R. Ford Eagle Scout 1927
38th President
Louis Freeh Eagle Scout 1963
10th FBI Director
Zach Galifianakis Eagle Scout 1986
William Hanna Eagle Scout 1924
Co-founder Hanna-Barbera
Steven Holcomb Eagle Scout 1996
Olympic Bobsled Gold Medalist
Ewing Kauffman Eagle Scout 1931
1st KC Royals Owner
James Eagle Scout 1943
Astronaut - Apollo 13 Commander
Dan Reynolds Eagle Scout 2005
Lead Vocalist - Imagine Dragons
Mike Rowe Eagle Scout 1979
Host, "Dirty Jobs"
Glen Schofield Eagle Scout 1977
Co-Creator - Call of Duty
Ike Skelton Eagle Scout 1948
U.S. Rep. 1977-2011
Steven Spielberg Eagle Scout 1961
Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Creek Stewart Eagle Scout 1990
James Valentine Eagle Scout 1996
Lead Guitarist - Maroon 5
Sam Walton Eagle Scout 1934
Wal-Mart Founder