Position Description

General Information

Elected by troop
6 months
Reports to
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
The chaplain aide is an approved youth leadership position in Boy Scout troops. The responsibilities of this position include encouraging the spiritual growth and awareness of each member of the troop and assisting the troop chaplain (and adult committee members).
The most important part of the Chaplain Aide position is assisting in worship activities for the troop on outings.


(mature and sensitive and have earned the respect and trust of fellow scouts)
First Class or higher
Received or working on religious emblem for his faith
75% of meetings, and monthly outings over previous 6 months.

Performance Requirements

Earn or be working on the requirements for the religious emblem of your faith
You are expected to attend 80% of all troop meetings, outings, and service projects. If your attendance is low, or if you have three (3) unexcused absences in a row, you may be removed from office.
You are expected to give this job your best effort.

General Leadership Responsibilities

Set the example by wearing your uniform correctly. This means that you will wear all of the parts of the troop uniform, shirttail tucked in, with all required badges in their correct locations.
Set the example by living the Scout Oath and Law in your everyday life. Show Scout Spirit in everything you say and do.
Set the example by being an active Scout. Be on-time for meetings and activities.

Specific Leadership Responsibilities

  • Work with the Troop Chaplain (usually an adult member of the clergy) to plan appropriate interfaith religious services during troop outings
  • Encourage troop members to strengthen their own relationships with God through personal prayer and devotion and participation in religious activities appropriate to their faith
  • Help the troop chaplain (or other designated adult) plan and conduct an annual Scout-oriented religious observance, preferably during Scout Week in February
  • Assist with the planning and implementation of Scout Sunday